Packer – Bag-Pouch Department

Garlock Printing & Converting
Job Description
(usually non-exempt jobs) dept.: Converting
POSITION TITLE: Packer – Bag-Pouch Department
Job Summary
Perform various manual and mechanical duties to package finished materials at one of several workstations as assigned on a rotating basis. Duties include: lifting, weighing, wrapping, packaging, and other similar duties primarily those pertaining to the packaging of finished product.
Duties require verbal communication ability, visual acuity to product detail, manual coordination to handle packages of product, and the physical ability to lift various weights.
Essential Job Functions
1. Package finished product at one of several workstations (Bag-Pouch Machines) as assigned on a rotating basis. Utilize packing materials and components as indicated by the Work Order. Inspect questionable product as assigned by supervisor and pack acceptable finished product. 
2. Make packing cartons and carton labels as required by the Work Order. 
3. Maintain a clean and safe work area. Return cartons and other packing items to their storage areas upon job completion. 
4. Follow all established safety rules and regulations and utilize required safety equipment. Report defective equipment or unsafe conditions to the appropriate personnel. Maintain work area in a clean and orderly condition.
Perform other similar duties as required or as requested by supervisor.
It is the responsibility of all Employees to ensure that the product produced by Garlock Printing meets or exceeds the expectations for quality of Garlock Printing and their Customers.   It is also the responsibility of all employees to ensure that the Hygiene of their work area meets or exceeds the Standards set in Garlock Printings GMP Manual at all times.
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