Mold Technician

Advanced Cable Ties
Job Description
3rd Shift:
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Must have knowledge of injection molding machines. Perform a variety of duties to set up molds in various types and sizes of molding machines and produce plastic products under the supervision of the Shift Supervisor. Perform all mold setting duties including: installation of molds, sufficient and proper clamping, proper tonnage applied to mold, correct water supply connections, correct pull-hydraulic and electrical set of safety bars and baffling of chute and/or conveyor, dry cycle machine to check set-up and assure that all safety mechanisms are in place and functioning properly. Assist in diagnosing and correcting problems. Perform and/or assist in machine maintenance and repairs. Request parts and equipment needed and furnish a complete description and name. Perform other “Daily Production” type functions as directed by the Shift Supervisor.
Minimum Requirements

Plastic Injection Molding: 1 year; Must be able to understand and work from written and/or verbal instructions. Must be able to understand the Basic English language.

Contact Information


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