Maintenance Mechanic A

Garlock Printing & Converting
Job Description
(usually non-exempt jobs) dept.: Maintenance
POSITION TITLE: Maintenance Mechanic  A

2 years experience
Job Summary
Perform diversified manual and mechanical duties to maintain a variety of printing and/or converting machinery as assigned. Duties include: performing routine maintenance, responding to mechanical problems, routine machining and fabrication of parts, and other similar duties pertaining to machine maintenance.
Duties require verbal communication skills, visual acuity to prints and plans as well as machine details, manual coordination and dexterity in the use of various hand and power tools, and the physical ability to climb and work on or around machinery.
Essential Job Functions
1. Perform routine maintenance of a variety of machinery, as assigned. Lubricate machinery parts and components according to established schedule. Clean machinery as required such as blowing out paper dust and debris. Perform routine change overs such as replacing blades on sheeters, rewinders, guillotine cutters, etc.  Maintain ink pumps, sprayers, roll mandrills, staplers, banding machines, etc.
2. Perform repairs to assigned machinery. Respond to operator complaints or mechanical problems. Troubleshoot the situation and take the required corrective action such as making adjustments, replacing components, etc. Disassemble components and replace worn or broken parts and reassemble. Fabricate various items as required, such as ink mixers, machine guards, etc. utilizing routine welding, cutting and machining operations.
3. Provide assistance to more experienced mechanic on complex repair and maintenance operations. As directed, assist with disassembly of machinery, changing parts, reassembly, etc.
Provide own maintenance tools.
4. Maintain inventory of spare parts and supplies for assigned machinery. Place orders with vendors as required.
5. Follow all established safety rules and regulations and utilize required safety equipment. Report defective equipment or unsafe conditions to the appropriate personnel. Maintain work area in a clean and orderly condition.
Perform other similar duties as required or as requested by supervisor.
It is the responsibility of all Employees to ensure that the product produced by Garlock Printing meets or exceeds the expectations for quality of Garlock Printing and their Customers.  It is also the responsibility of all employees to ensure that the Hygiene of their work area meets or exceeds the Standards set in Garlock Printings Hygiene Manual at all times.
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