Part-Time Program Manager

Gardner Emergency Housing Mission
Job Description
Gardner Emergency Housing Mission (GEHM)
The Program Manager will be responsible for leading and managing the program known as GEHM (Gardner Emergency Housing Mission), working closely with GEHM Board of Directors. The Program Manager will show a strong management skillset and have social service and program administration experience. In addition, the Program Manager will seek to appropriately promote and represent GEHM to the wider community. GEHM supports families experiencing homelessness as they work to achieve and sustain independence. GEHM families will receive case management services while living independently in a GEHM sponsored housing unit. GEHM brings together resources drawn from faith communities, social service agencies, and the local community, to provide a variety of services for families in need.

Position Objective
The Program Manager will oversee and support case manager(s) serving families experiencing homelessness. This might include coordinating the program components of the housing unit[s], volunteers, supporting agencies, and other services to homeless families. The Program Manager is the public face of GEHM within the wider community.

Program Administration and Guest Services
The Program Manager will:
  • Oversee the day-to-day operations of GEHM.
  • Oversee case manager services to all guest families.
  • Conduct Intake interviews with prospective families.
  • Develop family service plans for addressing current needs.
  • Advocate with agencies for families as needed. Draft supporting documents.
  • Obtain records on guests’ progress, including after-care as needed.
  • Coordinate and oversee volunteers and staff.
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with partner housing agencies and social service organizations and encourage collaboration.
  • Actively participate in providers’ groups and other forums with social service and housing providers.
  • Be on call for emergencies during off-hours. Resolve conflicts that may arise.
  • Reviewing Facebook Page, and Website for updates and revisions.

Volunteer Management
The Program Manager will coordinate and oversee, in partnership with the GEHM Volunteer Committee, a strong, trained network of community volunteers. Such leadership should ensure that all persons experience a safe and welcoming environment. All volunteers will have CORI checks. In partnership with the GEHM Volunteer Committee, train volunteers and coordinators drawn from diverse congregations and community groups to provide hospitality in a non-judgmental fashion. Training will include an understanding of poverty, family homelessness, listening skills, as well as various on-site duties.

Board and Leadership Team
The Program Manager will provide staff leadership and close communication with the GEHM Board of Directors (BOD). In partnership with the BOD, the Program Manager will review an annual budget, evaluate the progress of the program, ensure reporting timelines are met, and make recommendations regarding program and policy changes. Provide written monthly reports to the BOD and deliver report to BOD before monthly meetings. Attend BOD meetings when necessary either in person or via zoom. Work with the BOD on a long-term strategic vision for the program.

The Program Manager will review fund development in conjunction with the BOD and appropriate committees. Assist in coordinating fundraising events, increasing the donor base, and developing relationships with donors. Represent GEHM to the wider community this might include presentations to congregations, service clubs, and other organizations about GEHM, its needs and its opportunities. Provide effective correspondence, monthly reports, and work in conjunction with the marketing committee to produce newsletters and promotional materials that illustrate and support the vision of GEHM.

Desired Qualifications
The Program Manager will be an enthusiastic individual with good judgment and compassion for others. Shall remain professional, impartial, and equitable to individuals from all racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. Possess knowledge of homeless service provision models and general assistance programs. Shall bring vision, creativity, collaborative skills, and be highly organized. Will be an exceptional communicator with strong writing and public speaking skills. Shall model the core values of GEHM. Integrity, Accountability, Teamwork, Excellence, Compassion, and Grace.
Desired Education and Experience

  • Minimum Associates Degree.
  • Exhibit a passion to work with a variety of concerned individuals toward a common goal of service to the homeless.
  • Experience in management preferred.
  • Exhibit interpersonal skills to work effectively with a wide range of people.
  • Utilize management skills to identify needs and opportunities, delegate tasks and responsibilities, make decisions, and solve problems.
The GEHM Program Manager reports to the GEHM Board of Directors. The BOD is responsible for a yearly evaluation of the Program Manager.

Compensation and Review
The position of GEHM Program Manager is a Part-Time salaried position, approximately 10 hours per week, compensation will be determined by experience.
Hours and compensation will be established by the GEHM Board of Directors.

Resume and References
  • Submit a resume
  • Include letters of recommendation or references.
Please address emails to Sabrina Kublbeck at
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